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Vegestables in Shamu village

Rain season is arriving but so far we can still sow delicious vegetables.
So glad we get to do some more on our land in the village of Shamu .

People are totally confused by covid 19 which is not strange because news is hardly coming in.
For the people it is another disease.
It is difficult for us to explain that not many people can work on the land, they do not understand.

Now that we have rented additional land, we can let more people help and learn.
We see some happy faces because there are more vegetables, which means that soon they will have more food.
Their thanks are great to all the people who helped us.

Now we see if we can install flexible hoses so water can drip from the vegetable fields.
Until now we do that with large watering cans.
Your help is still needed.

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May 2, 2021


Conny van 't Pad
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