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The children from Shamu Kenia

Many children in the village of Shamu in Kenya live in poverty.
Parents who are on their own or don't have a job don't get any help from the government, they have to see for themselves how they get food.

This is one of the reasons we started to teach the parents of the children to become self-reliant.
We look at the situation, many people are so severely malnourished that we have to get them back on their feet before they can learn anything.
We give them a food box and a checkup with a doctor if necessary. With the help of a sponsor we send the children to school so they can be among their peers and get breakfast and lunch and of course learn to read and write.
In this way the parents have time to recuperate before they can help us in the fields to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables.

Shamu has a lot of good land for growing food.

Our goal is to have a learning center within 10 years where we can teach people things like how to make school uniforms, crafts, clothes, and make things from the shell of the coconut.

The children of Shamu village are the future for Shamu.

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June 6, 2021


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