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Some years ago Samuel visits his grandma, near the house from grandma he hears a strange sound so he went to check what it was and there she was little Stacy on the floor, she cants sit or talk, Samuel started to talk and then the mom of Stacy stood in front and explained what has happened to Stacy.

Stacy was born with a shortage of oxygen in her brain , it takes to much time to get a doctor so this was the result, a small girl handicapped for live.

That's when Samuel called me and ask if we can do something to make this kids life bearable for her , she had on bad days around 6 attacks that make her so tired that she was not stable to learn other things

We went to a hospital in Nairobi and let her check from the top till too.,treatment started to lower the attacks and also she got physiotherapy all to get paid by Joke who sponsor this beautiful girl

So proud of Stacy She can stand on her own now and almost no attacks anymore, the next goal is to learn how to walk and eat by herself , if she can control that she can go to a special school.

April 24, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
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