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She always kept faith

2 years ago I got a call about one of our girls that she got raped by a man at school. My heart was in my throat and couldn't think clear at that moment. But I know I had to act fast so I send one of my helpers to her school. I never thought that school blames a young girl age 13. We start calling to get our girl checked for HIV and pregnancy. Together we cried but we also keep faith in her future, and promised her to start finding the person who did this to her. We knew it would be hard on this girl, but we also know it might help her to heal. We went from the hospital to the police, and to court and were so very proud of our girl, as she never lost faith. She had very good guidance from the government that helped her more for healing. Tests from the hospital came out, and we were relieved to hear she was not pregnant and no sign of HIV but she has to get more tests over the year for that part. Weeks later we got a phone call that they found the raper and brought him to court. Samuel jumped in a tuk-tuk (that's a rickshaw in Kenya) and went to court to see the person and listen to court We found out later that friends of the raper wanted to corrupt the court, and we hear the girl might be endangered because of friends of the raper that were looking for her. So we call the police and they contacted the court to keep him into a bailout. Our girl never loses her faith and was so strong I talked a lot with her and her mom. We found a good girls school in another part of Kenya. Later we had a good talk with the old school and noticed that our girl was not the only one with this terrible experience there. We found some sponsors to help her start at her new school, she needed a new uniform and all. A new schoolbag was donated and the rest followed fast. For one year she is in her new school and she never lost her faith, lots of good counseling and help from us, she became a strong girl again. Very proud of her and ourselves. The court took her case very seriously, even the head of the school had to come and explain why they trow out girls like dirt to protect the teachers and other staff. Hope they learned from the price they had to pay, and 2 men are still in jail.

January 24, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
African Welfare Foundation

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the Netherlands
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