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Hello everyone .

We hope everything goes well with everyone, what a year we live in.
a lot of bad things happen but also positive things.
We thank you all for the great support.

On our land in Shamu Kenya everything is growing well, even though the weather is not so great, lots of rain and cold nights.
We do everything we can to keep everything running, we make blankets, plant fruit trees and sow vegetables.

We also bring food parcels and sanitary towels so girls can go outside freely and there is less abuse of them.

Grateful we are for all the help, unfortunately we still need your support.
COVID19 is now also very present in Ukunda a village near Shamu rural village.

Due to lack of jobs and healthy food there are many with flu symptoms.
Vitamins c and d are badly needed, we also calm the people because they do not know what corona is and think they all die.

Money is needed to buy more seeds and trees but oo for materials to make blankets.

Sharing is caring

Regards and hugs

Shamu village

November 15, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
African Welfare Foundation

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the Netherlands
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