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Rama before lock down kenya

Rama a boy from the street, never going to school and when he was very young he had an accident with a head wound that was never properly treated.
When Rama came to Shamu and asked us things we soon found out that this boy with a heart of gold had to be taken care of and went to school.
We placed him in a foster home but that didn't work, he was used after school to work, so we didn't take that and now we made sure he had his own room in a compound close to school and Samuel visits him often and teaches him things.
Rama got eye complaints and severe headaches, we went with him to an eye clinic and so far he is in treatment and it works well.
Then all of a sudden,lock down in kenya.
samuel didn't change his mind for a moment and took rama in ukunda.
He also had Felix under his care so now he had a nice time at his home.
Felix who is not allowed to go to university now gives tutoring to Rama.
Both are now good friends and Rama is healing his eyes and learning is much better.
This was all possible because of all the help we got from sponsors and donors.
With your help we can help these and more young people to have a good future.
Laptops are needed and school supplies.

April 22, 2020


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