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Pubers go green in COVID19 period

And there you are in the Netherlands you want to do so much in Kenya but a virus turns the whole world upside down.

I just heard that 3 people in the village of Shamu died of COVID19 and our Aisha is sick in bed but luckily no COVID19.
70 euros for a test is unbelievable.

Luckily also good news .
Our Rama and his friends are planting fruit trees, paw-paw, apples and moringa trees.
So good that adolescents are committed to nature and healthy fruit .

Your help is still very much needed, it takes a while before the fruits announce themselves and they can be sold on the market.
All that income goes back into the country and we hope to build a learning center next year, so we can teach many people how to become self-reliant.

hugs from Shamu village Kenya

November 22, 2020


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