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Mango trees

We are so happy and do you know why ?
The mangoes are coming thanks to all your help.
We have 5 mature trees and a few youngsters.
The mature trees can carry up to 100 mangoes per tree.
A part will be sold so that we can buy materials and seeds for the land again and some wil be distributed to the locals who helped us to keep the land clean.

The vegetables are also starting to appear and the new field is being sown with sakuma,
Now that we have more land to sow vegetables, we also need more hoes, shovels, watering cans and biologic weed control.

Slowly but surely we are learning to work on the land again.
In small groups so that we can create a little bit of hope in rural village Shamu in Kenya.
We are very careful because the people in rural are the people with a lower imume system.

Thank you very much without your help we would never have gotten this far.

Hugs from Kenya

September 3, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
African Welfare Foundation

Agaatdrift 11
3436BS, Nieuwegein
the Netherlands
+316 2811 9868

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