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Lockdown Shamu village

The village of Shamu in Kenya needs you very much.
Still a lockdown and curfew.
Rain has decreased a little but there is still nothing to harvest on the land, here people are not dying of COVID 19 but of hunger.
We've brought a lot of food boxes but we need a lot more.
9 July we will hear in Kenya if there will be easing, but I fear prolongation because more and more sick people are coming in certain areas.
Also many young girls who normally could buy sanitary towels at school now have nothing so monthly pads are also very much needed.
Soon we will start with a fundraiser for sanitary towels, especially in rural areas is difficult to get.
Help us help

Hugs from Shamu

June 30, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
African Welfare Foundation

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