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Many people in ht village Shamu in Kenya never went to school, so it is very difficult to get a job.

By building a learning center we can help people with a future, including that of their children.
Some people have a piece of land but do not know how to sow and harvest.
Some people are very handy with their hands and turn a coconut into a monkey or a bird feeder.
Also there is no own clothing industry so enough what we can start learning.

By learning how to make children's clothes they can start a store or a sewing workshop.

By teaching them to make washable sanitary napkins they help many girls who are often locked up or constipated every month.

By teaching them to work the land they can create food for sale.

By teaching them to read, they can go further and maybe even study.

Enough reason to build a learning center.

We have started building, but we need your help. We have received permission to build bigger, we have more land so we can sow and harvest more.
Wheelbarrows are needed, iron sheets, cement, bricks.

together with you we can give the people in shamu a future.

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May 10, 2022


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