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How we work

I want to explain to you how we work to make people in the village of Shamu in Kenya independent

First, we bought a piece of land to grow food and build a learning center.
Because of corona we have not yet started the construction.

We look at family situation, often severe poverty, parents and children undernourished.
Then we see if the children of a family / often single mothers can get a place at school in Shamu.
By placing the children in a school we give the mother peace of mind and the children are fed twice a day at school.
The family gets an examination by a doctor and parents / mothers get a monthly food box to gain strength.

As soon as they are cured, they come to help on the land, clean a little, hoe and sow vegetables until they are strong enough. Then we see what they can/want to do.
The people who have a piece of land we help to grow vegetables and fruit on it so they have food and create an income by selling it.

People who don't have that can learn to make clothes/school uniforms.
Bake chapatties to sell, follow training at a local school to create an income so they can become self-reliant and pay their own school fees.
We want to teach people much more such as crafting for sale, making shoes, electricians, painters but then we need a learning center.
We hope to start next year, depending on how Corona develops in Kenya.
To help a family costs 120 euros per three months, 35 euros for school fees per child and the rest for food boxes.
At this moment we have 20 children in school, 2 of them without parents and we rent a room for them.

We strive for a family to be self-reliant in one and a half years, depending on the situation.

every financial donation is welcome

Hugs from Shamu

June 14, 2021


Conny van 't Pad
Stichting African Welfare Foundation

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