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Growing High

Thanks thanks thanks thanks and many times thanks
with your help we grow a little more each time.

Trees are growing, vegetables are growing well but what a drag with water, even though we have a well on the land.
But also that problem is being worked on.

The children are going to school again and slowly life is getting back to normal, even though there are not many people to work the land.

There is now time to explain what we can do for some people, but also what they can do in return.
Kenya is still in lockdown so everything is a bit different than planned.

But together with your help we will come a long way.
Next year we hope to start building a learning center so we can teach many more things to the people in Shamu village.


May 23, 2021


Conny van 't Pad
African Welfare Foundation

Agaatdrift 11
3436BS, Nieuwegein
the Netherlands

+316 2811 9868

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