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Growing greens again

oohhh I'm so super happy, finally we can get back to work in the field, but with Β less people so Rachid will do the biggest work.
We are going to sow sakuma wiki, tomatoes, spinach and onions, not to mention the corn from which they make flour for the ugali.
The mango trees are in bloom, the moringa grows the passion fruit needs a little more love than we hope everything will be okay.
With your help we can handle this.
Because of corona it will take some time before we can teach people how to become self-reliant by growing and selling vegetables.
But the first step to food has been taken.
Because of the bad network, I'm behind on updates. I apologize.
A mobile phone has been donated to rachid so we will soon be directly connected again and hope to get regular updates.



May 22, 2020


Conny van 't Pad
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