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The village of Shamu in Kenya is completely confused by COVID19.

The people in the village often have no radio, TV or something like that to receive the news, so no idea what is going on.
They think they are dying.

In April, the village went in total lockdown no one could go in or out, meaning no work, no food at the market and due to heavy rain time sowing and harvesting in our plot/land was also very behind.

The village Shamu is open again but many without work, food or other necessities such as soap.

On our land we now have a lot of vegetables and fruit trees are doing well, it is now very hot but we continue on the land, but with much less help, so it is really a lot of work for Samuel and Rachied.

Last week many people in the village went to demomstrate to the local government for help with learning how to create food on their small land.
The government does nothing and sends everyone away.

We would like to help a larger group, but I need your help with that.
We want to collect the old truck tires so that people who have no land can put vegetables around their house of which part can be sold.
We put 2 tires ontop of one and other and put soil in around there house.

Our relief team will do that.
We can collect soil from our land as far as possible.
Now we need garden tools and seeds .
We want to teach them to eat from their own land, by selling cuttings of fruit trees and vegetables.
Help us, together we are strong.
And as a thank you for our support, they will help us on the land to keep it clean, recycling as much as possible.
Samuel, Rachied and Chimera are going for it and we hope you too.

We will continue to distribute food and sanitary towels on a monthly basis.
Also the children are helping so they can learn now that there is no school, no electricity and internet.

Regards Shamu team
Hugs for all

October 11, 2020


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