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Food emergency

Food it sounds so easy for us ,just order or go to the supermarket.
Unfortunately, in Kenya it is a very different story.

By corona many have lost their jobs so no income means no food so they are forced to find food or send their children on the road.

Can you imagine your child of 4 having to sell liquid soap to create income so that mother and often a baby can eat.
Fathers are either out of work or looking for a job elsewhere.

Learning to plant vegetables is now slow because we can't just go around all the poor people because of corona.
They don't understand it anyway because it is a disease like so many in Kenya.

The government has also decided to increase the tax on food so even more hunger.
We really don't think that is okay.
That is why we need to do more to distribute food boxes but also seeds of vegetables so that they can plant at home.
And we need your help with that.

Big hugs from Shamu village kenia

Please donate to buy food

March 16, 2021


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