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Food bulk for rainseason

It is quiet in the village of Shamu in Kenya .
Most children are at school and parents are working in the fields to grow as many vegetables as possible.

The short rainy season is on its way but also in Kenya the weather is out of control just like in other places in the world.
The network is very bad, pictures can hardly be sent, our apologies for that.

Also it is not possible to send stuff to sell because the costs are high and it gets lost on the way.
We are happy with people like you who continue to support us.
Shamu needs you, it is time again to stock up on beans, rice, flour, oil so that the people in the villages have food in the rainy season.
Please help us, every human being has the right to food everywhere in the world.
We also feed dogs and cats on the street.

Hugs from Shamu village

August 24, 2021


Conny van 't Pad
Stichting African Welfare Foundation

Agaatdrift 11
3436BS, Nieuwegein
the Netherlands

+316 2811 9868

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