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Why is life made so difficult in this world Rama asked me.
I was speechless, unable to think of an answer.
Rama himself came up with Conny let's just keep going and try to build up our Shamu land in a fruitful way, we have already planted a lot, even though the many rains have destroyed some things, even though food has become so expensive we are going for it.

Yes Rama we are going for it, 2 large fields of corn can almost be harvested, many vegetables are coming up and the fruit trees are also starting to do something.
And we are also working on our learning center, the construction is behind because of the massive rain and stuff we needed was hard to come by but little by little we are getting to our goal.

We want to thank everyone who is helping us and we hope you will continue to help us.
Life for many people is difficult all over the world but I know we can all come out stronger if we keep supporting each other.

Sending hugs

September 15, 2022


Conny van 't Pad
Stichting African Welfare Foundation

Agaatdrift 11
3436BS, Nieuwegein
the Netherlands

+316 2811 9868

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