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Ending Up 2020

The last days of 2020.
It was a very tough year for everyone in the world.
We would like to end positively and jump  positive  into 2021 .
Despite covid19 we still had a year where we were able to give a lot of help.
Even though it wasn't quite the goal we wanted, we wanted to build a learning center but became difficult because of covid19.
Keeping our distance, getting stuff from mombasa to ukunda, many small companies panicked and went back to their hometown.

We went to see what was really needed, get people out of the panic and see what we could do together.
We brought food parcels, sanitary towels to the young ladies and explained to them what to do and who to call in case of abuse.

On the land with 2 men at the most we continued growing vegetables and planting fruit trees.
Also at people's homes we looked at possibilities for planting fruit trees or vegetables.

Now the preparation for school because they start again on January 4.
Uniforms are again in the making, books are ordered ,.
A large part of the school fees has been received but the more we pick up the more families we can help with the start-up of the kids going to school.

Hugs from Shamu village Kenia

December 27, 2020


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