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COVID19 update Shamu villiga

What are we living in a strange time,COVID19 is everywhere but in kenya more people are dying of lack of food.
Young girls and women have a big problem to get sanitary napkins because they don't go to school and parents have to spend all their money on food.
But the food is getting more and more expensive and many can't go to work or have no income.

Normally we teach people how to grow fruit and vegetables but now not many people can go to the fields becease we whant to keep distance .
Anyway, we have been able to help quite a few families thanks to all our loyal sponsors, donors.
We really can't do without you and would like to ask again for a contribution so we can buy more food boxes and sanitary towels.

The work on our land will continue but not as before the COVID19 .
Now there are 3 people working on the land and that's tough, but they are doing their best.
They have created extra space so that even more vegetables can be grown.
With that we hope to create more income to keep the land running so we can help more people.

We have put our plan to build a learning centre on breaks till there is a COVID19 solution.

Thank you all to stay behind us and give the help we need.

Share with your family and friends so we can help more familie to stay healthy.

Big hugs from Shamu village Kenya.

August 22, 2020


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