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Collaps home in Kissi

In recent years, it has been raining more and longer in Kenya.
This is the reason why more and more houses are washing away and families are without homes.

60 years ago a family built a house on their father's land in Kissi so they could help their parents.
12 years ago we helped them set up a green project to become self-reliant, because they had enough land but did not know what to do with it.

We started with bananas and avocado, within four years they were self-sufficient, children could go to school and also helped the whole poor by helping with school fees.
Our goal was reached and we wanted to continue in the Ukunda area.

2 weeks ago we received the message that the house of the family had collapsed due to the heavy rains of the last time.
They had already done a lot themselves, so beautiful to see.
Samuel had also built a house on that land about 15 years ago,
We looked at the situation and gave Samuel's house, which was on a better spot and had enough space to rebuild it with stones.
Then the whole family can live there and they can build a barn on the spot of the old house where they can also build a vegetable shop.

We have decided to send them every month for 1 year an amount of 50 euros so they have space to save for the construction and shed and of course seeds.
If you want to help them please
You can donate on the site.

Meanwhile, there is hard work in shamu, unfortunately, network is very bad, hope to get more update photos soon.

January 29, 2021


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