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Boys & Girls story

Today I would like to tell you a story about children in Kenya.
Often only the girls / ladies are helped which is good and necessary, but why are the boys / men so often forgotten.

Girls are raped and boys are raped as well, you just don't hear much about that and I am so sorry about that.
Both are entitled to get help.

Help  girls become stronger and more self-reliant, that's a good thing.
Help  boys then they can be taught how to deal with girls so that they can move on together in life.

In Kenya a lot of boys grow up on the streets and see little or never a good example of how men should deal with girls, even girls live on the streets but less than boys.
Boys get bad example and girls think a lot of things are normal because they have never seen what it is like in real life.

Boys are sent out at a young age to look for food.
Girls are taught how to run a household often with many children.
The more children the more help for later for the parents.

We engage in conversation with rural people and help them take a different path.
Fewer children are more likely to get a good education.
Men have to respect women and women have to treat the men better.

There are too many elementary school in Kenya.
That is why we do not help schools, but we do find good schools and bring children there when we help a family to become self-reliant.

Streetchildren we bring to special homes or take them in if they are older than 11.
We rent a room neer rural village shamu .
We need more support for that specialy when they go highschool.

hugs from Shamu village Kenya

October 24, 2020


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