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Aisha in Shamu village Kenya

Aisha a girl who lived with her mother and grandmother in a village called Shamu in kenya.
When we were working on the land almost a year ago, suddenly a mother and a little girl were standing there begging us to help her.
Aisha was almost the age to go to school but her mother couldn't raise money because she couldn't work because she had a child to take care of, grandma did her best to help but it's very difficult in rural villages.
They said when Aisha was 4 months old her husband was kidnapped, they never found him.
In july we found a sponsor for Aisha and her mother came into our green project.
But because of corona we can't do much on the land for a while, it's hard to keep our distance when there are too many people working on it so rachiedy does as much as possible alone so we will have food in the village Shamu.
At the moment we are making food boxes.
If you want to support a family or our green project just press the donation button on our site.
Thank you and big hug from Aisha

May 3, 2020


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